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Fortune 500 firms and top-tier brands. Start-ups and turnarounds. Public Relations, Advertising, Corporate Communications and Brand Management groups. Government agencies and esteemed academic institutions. Celebrities, film/television, and music  artists. Your dear, sweet Aunt Harriet (especially if she bakes cookies, or can pimp your ride).

Firesign Media’s clients span financial services, technology, pharma/healthcare, telecommunications, entertainment, B2B and B2C. Among the companies, entities, and personages we’ve been honored to work with (shameless name drop advisory): GE, American Express, Schering-Plough, NASA, WPP CommonHealth ad agency Altum, TheBarNetwork.tv, Jaymie Scotto & Associates, Tribe Pictures, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen and the documentary filmmaker Keir Moreano.